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Speaking of waterfalls... I visited one in Laos an hour or so from Vientiane towards Vang Vien. It was actually more of a slow moving river and there was a large smooth rock formation you laid upon as water coursed over you. It had a large gabled structure (homemade) at the entrance. Does this ring a bell to you? I don’t recall the name —do you?

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Happy Birthday! I believe there was mention of cake?

I'm in Thailand at the moment, and the single-use plastics issues here seem worse than ever. Something that used to be handed to me in a banana leaf is now wrapped in plastic and put into a plastic bag. Explaining that I don't need the second layer of plastic creates confused looks.

I also got a kick out of the article on dual pricing for hotels. After decades in Southeast Asia, the dual pricing at Thai archaeological sites, for example, no longer bothers me. It is still only 100 baht FFS. But that's also a government monopoly situation. I have no idea how hotel dual pricing would escape the basics of supply and demand. It seems well-heeled Auslanders such as myself would simply pick a less expensive hotel or find one that doesn't dual price. This seems like another example of the difference between how government, any government, thinks and how the real world works. Regards.

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Congratulations, Stuart!

(You know I blame you for getting me into this professional newslettering lark? Just so we're clear here...)

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